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Environmental warnings for FDI enterprises

(02:51:17 PM, 05/10/2017)

Vietnam is considered an attractive destination for foreign investors. However, many FDI enterprises in Vietnam have recently been handled for violating the Law on Environmental Protection. Accordingly, the problem is how to attract more FDI together with environmental protection.

* Many investmentprojects are applied in Vietnam

According to the data from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam has attracted nearly 25.5 billion USD in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the past nine months that is 34.3 percent more than the same period of last year. Particularly, there are some high-tech projects under important sectors. For example, Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd. (Korea) has recently started the construction of Hanwha Aero Engines at Hoa Lac High Tech Park (Hanoi), with a total investment of 200 million USD. This factory will apply advanced technologies enabling energy savings to ensure environmental standards in accordance with international regulations.

On the other hand, ExxonMobil Group (USA) is promoting technical work preparing for the project to exploit gas from the Green Whale rig in the coastal of the Central Vietnam. In addition, some foreign investors are also interested in developing renewable energy in order to take advantage of the potential of wind and sunshine in Vietnam.

However, in addition to the positive results, many opinions expressed concern about the negative consequences of the FDI sector. According to a recent study by the National Economics University about the compliance with environmental protection law by FDI enterprises, up to 80% of industrial parks have violated environmental regulations; 70% of FDI enterprises have exceeded the limits for waste disposal, 23% of them have discharged 5-12 times over the standards.

Recently, the public has not forgotten some typical cases of foreign investment projects devastating the environment. For example, the Lee & Man Paper Factory alongside Hau River (Hau Giang) is concerned about the impact of water source/waste discharged on the environment. The recovery has been conducted but there is no guarantee that another case will never arise. Previously, the news on Vedan, Miwon... also made the public afraid.

* Strict requirements for environmental protection should be applied

According to the chairman of the Association of FDI Enterprises - Mr. Nguyen Mai, it is important to emphasize green production for foreign investors to mitigate the effects of global warming and carbon emissions that may causegreenhouse effect and environmental pollution.

Some experts also agreed on this view and recommended careful consideration as well as high technology requirements of FDI projects in some heavy industries such asproduction of steel, cement, chemicals, coal-fired power plants... It is even necessary to actively limit these areas due to the risk of causing environmental pollution as well as increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is the reason why the Ministry of Planning and Investment has repeatedly affirmed that it was the time to step up the supervision and evaluation of the attraction and use of FDI capital. It emphasizes the opinion that projects with obsolete technologies or consuming a lot of energy and land would not be accepted.