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National Assemblyto consider the Law on Cartography and Geodesy by the end of 2017

(02:23:52 PM, 24/08/2017)

It is expected that in the final session of 2017, the Law onCartography and Geodesy will be submitted to the National Assembly for consultation.

In order to develop this bill, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has collected data, studied and reviewed legal documents related to geodesy and cartography; state management functions and tasks of ministries and branches related to the field of geodesy and cartography. The drafting board also studied and consulted international experiences on geodesy and cartography of other countries in the world. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment also organized seminars with related ministries and experts, scientists, as well as collect written consultation of the ministries and local branches. Till date, the bill has been finalized.

According to the Director-General of the Vietnam Department of Geodesy, Cartography and Geographic Information, Phan Duc Hieu, Head of the Law Drafting Team, the draft Law on Cartography and Geodesyconsists of 9 chapters with 63 articles. In comparison with Decree No. 45/2015/ND-CP dated May 6, 2015 of the Government on cartography, the draft law contains some new contents. It is to strengthen decentralization to local authorities in the management and organization of the implementation of geodesic and cartographic activities; regulate the organization and construction of national geography data infrastructure; define prohibited acts in geodesic and cartographic activities; promote the socialization of geodesic and cartographic activities, strengthen professional capacity management; ensure that all organizations and individuals have access and share geodesic and cartographic information, dataand products; enhance international cooperation on geodesy and cartography ...

Currently, Vietnam has been collaborating with some countries in the world to build and publish maps. Therefore, in addition to the mapping regulations established by the Vietnamese authorities, it is necessary to study and develop the general provisions relating to cooperation in the measurement, establishment and publication of maps between Vietnam and other countries, as well as regulations on geodesic and cartographic activities carried out by Vietnamese authorities abroad.

Khanh Anh