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Monitoring mineral mining output by electronic weighing station

(09:10:59 AM, 05/09/2017)

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is drafting a circular regulating the procedures, identification methods and statistical forms of the actual exploitation output of minerals. Among them, the Ministry proposes the regulation on management and use of camera systems and electronic weighing stations to monitor the actual exploitation of minerals.

According to the draft, the camera system and electronic weighing station will monitor the human activities and means to control mining output, at the same time detect, prevent and handle related violations to the consumption of minerals. The camera system must operate continuously 24/24 hours a day, every day of the year and must store images in memory for inspection and monitoring.

The surveillance camera system must be positioned correctly to control the output, the installation location is usually at the warehouse, storing field, loading and unloading sites, weighing stations and at the entry and exit of the mine. The surveillance camera system must not automatically move, dismantle the equipment, disconnect the signal path or disconnect the power supply line to limit or disable the technical features of the system. The management unit is responsible for managing and storing all data, prohibiting the unit from copying, canceling the recording data on the DVR or deleting the information and software installed on DVR and computer (if any).

In cases the equipment of the camera system is damaged or being repaired or unsupervised, the unit shall appoint a person to carry out the supervision by manual method. During the inspection, repair and installation of cameras, weighing stations must strictly comply with regulations on repair work, connection and installation of equipment.