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Vietnam, South Korea sign cooperation agreement on marine pollution control

(03:28:39 PM, 30/08/2017)

The signing of the memorandum of understanding on international cooperation in the field of marine pollution control.

The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on international cooperation in the field of marine pollution control between the Vietnam Administration of Sea and Islands and the Korean Coast Guard Department took place in the morning of August 28, 2007. Pham Ngoc Son, Acting General Director of Vietnam Sea and Islands Administration, and Kim Hyoeng Man, Head of Korean Coast Guard Department chaired the ceremony.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations consists of six main areas: exchanging information and experiences on monitoring, preparation and response to oil pollution, chemicals and oil spills and toxic chemicals at sea; exchanging methods of oil identification, toxic chemicals at sea; strengthening the capacity and effectiveness of oil spill response, toxic chemicals and marine oil spills; exchanging experience on policies and legal frameworks and international conventions; exchanging learning and sharing experiences through delegations, experts, conferences, seminars in the field of international cooperation on marine pollution control; other contents of marine pollution control shall be decided by the two parties when there is a need for cooperation.

Speaking at the ceremony, Pham Ngoc Son, Acting General Director of the Vietnam Administration of Sea and Islands said that after the General Department was established in 2008, the General Department signed a memorandum of understanding with Korea, marking the beginning of cooperation between the two sides.

To date, the two sides have had many cooperative activities, especially after the Law of the Sea of Vietnam took effect. Accordingly, it stipulates the responsibility of the General Department in responding to and dealing with oil spills. Hence, this Memorandum of Understanding has the meaning of enhancing the cooperation. On that basis, two subordinate units will implement specific contents and plans to implement the agreement.

Concurring with Pham Ngoc Son, Kim Hyoeng Man, head of the Korea Coast Guard Department, said that economic development includes maritime activities, so incidents such as oil spills, pollution of the marine environment could occur. 40 years ago, South Korea set up its own governing bodies only in the field of research. Then there was a large-scale oil spill incident and considerable economic loss. Thus, the government made a major investment in this field.

According to Kim Hyoeng Man, through the agreement, the Department will have a basis to share and coordinate with the General Department of Vietnam Sea and Islands in the handling and overcoming of oil spills, marine pollution, policy formulation...

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