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Ocean Rescue Initiative

(10:47:30 AM, 14/07/2017)

7-Eleven Vietnam in collaboration with Triip.me, Mekong Business Initiative (a project of the Australian Government and the Asian Development Bank) launched the contest "Ocean rescue initiative" on July 11 with the aim of reducing plastic waste pollution in the ocean.

Accordingly, the "Ocean Rescue Initiative" contest includes 2 challenges: Developing safe and effective recycling technology for Vietnam and less developed countries in this field; Designing a water bottle with nice packaging, affordable cost and be available to use at 7-Eleven stores' water stations. 

7-Eleven will consider signing contracts with individuals and organizations with outstanding and applicable initiatives. "Triip.me" also encourages hotels and other accommodators across Vietnam to join the contest and replace disposable plastic bottles. Additionally, the winner of the contest will be awarded USD 3,000.

The contest "Ocean Rescue Initiative" is an opportunity for Vietnamese entrepreneurs and innovators to find out innovative solutions to the issue, directly facilitating the country’s economy and living environment. Vietnam is among the top 5 plastic-polluted countries in the world. Vietnam also has many economic industries, particularly tourism and fishery, that depend heavily on the ocean's freshness,  said Mr. Dominic Mellor, Senior Economist of ADB and Leader of MBI.