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Exporting sand is not an option of Vietnam

(09:18:21 AM, 25/09/2017)

This direction is given by the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in the context of scarce of sand resources in Vietnam.

According to data collected by the Department of Building Materials (Ministry of Construction), currently the source of sand licensed to be exploited meets only about 60-65% of the needs in large cities. Meanwhile, Vietnam is developing very fast so the demand for this material is constantly increasing.

The statistic shows that Vietnam's total sand resources is estimated at 2.3 billion cubic meters. Especially, in 2015 the sand demand in Vietnam is about 92 million cubic meter and this number will reach 130 million cubic meter by 2020. At the current pace of construction, experts in the field of construction material warn that the supply of sand will be exhausted within less than 15 years.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment also warned that if there is no planning and no alternative materials, the risk of not having sand for construction is clear.

To deal with this issue, besides requiring local authorities nationwide to strengthen management on sand resources, the Government also assigned the Ministry of Construction to take the lead and coordinate with the MONRE in researching alternative materials or producing artificial sand

Khanh An