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24.7 billion Japanese Yen loan for the Drainageand Water Project

(09:13:08 AM, 05/09/2017)

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has signed with the Government of Vietnam an ODA Loan Agreement with a total value of 24.7 billion Japanese yen for Bien Hoa City Drainage and Water System Project. (Dong Nai), phase 1.

Dong Nai province is experiencing a period of industrialization with the expansion of activities of more than 200 Japanese companies. However, the drainage system has not been developed and the untreated sewage of Bien Hoa - the provincial capital - is still discharged into the Dong Nai River - a source of water supply for Ho Chi Minhcity. The water quality of the rivers and waterways in Bien Hoa is not much better than untreated sewage and the lack of drainage system leads to dirty water being flooded during floods and public hygiene issues such as bad odor, mosquitoes and flies.

The goal of the project is to expand the scope of wastewater treatment in Bien Hoa City through the construction of an urban wastewater treatment system, contributing to the improvement of public sanitation and sustainable development of the city. And downstream of the city.

The estimated completion date of the project is November 2023 - this is also the time when the project is put into use. Estimated bidding period for consultancy services is September -2017, and the first bidding package for international construction is held in September -2018.