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Importing over ten-year machinery might be banned

(01:10:28 PM, 22/09/2017)

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has recently issued a draft of circular on importing used machinery into Vietnam. It provides many regulations on date, quality of machinery, equipment and spare parts.

According to the request of MOST, the used equipment which imported into Vietnam should not be out-of-dates machinery that other countries have announced as crap due to its poor quality and causing environmental pollution. Used spare parts can only be imported for the purpose of replacing for using machines.

The used equipment imported for investment projects must be inspected in the exporting country before being transported into Vietnam.

Relate to quality and date of machinery, MOST said: the equipment must meet the requirements for safety, saving energy and preventing environmental pollution. In order to ensure this condition, MOST banned the import of over ten-year equipment.

According to MOST, regulations on quality and quality control should be implemented in exporting country with attached certificate and appraised by MOST. With the goods imported into Vietnam but fail to meet the quality conditions, the importing enterprises can get the fine from MOST.