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The international community is always working closely with Vietnam for the development of the Mekong Delta

(03:41:56 PM, 28/09/2017)

MONRE Minister Tran Hong Ha talks with UNDP Country Director Louis Chamberlain on the sideline of the conference in the morning of September 27th

In the two days of September 26th – 27th, in Can Tho, many ambassadors, leaders of NGOs and the World Bank... attended the Mekong River Delta (MRD)Development Conference. It is said that the international community is ready to cooperate closely and share with the Government of Vietnam for the development of MRD.

As a special guest at this conference, Mr. Hermen Borst, Deputy Commissioner of Dutch Embassy was very enthusiastic about sharing management experience and how it works in the Netherlands. Mr. Hermen Borst said that MRD had similar challenges to the Dutch plain, including floods, water shortages in the dry season, salinity intrusion... These are challenges that are increasing over time in both frequency and impact. Similar in MRD, there is a policy of promoting interregional coordination between the Government and local authorities in order to develop long-term action plansin the Netherlands.

Mr. Hermen Borst, Deputy Commissioner of Netherlands Embassy shared his experience in responding to climate change in the Netherlands

According to Mr. Hermen Borst, this is important because Vietnam needs a long-term vision to build effective solutions; especially in the case of flooding and salt water intrusion in MRD today. Mr. Hermen Borst said that all current projects needed to be based on this long-term plan.

“In the Netherlands, we have a specific Commission on delta issues that is very useful in calling for cooperation between stakeholders” said Mr. Hermit Borst.

 Meanwhile, the World Bank Country Director for Viet Nam Ousmane Dione affirmed the importance of managing MRD adaptation to climate change; WB representatives emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral coordination; there is a unification in awareness, action and close cooperation between the central and local levels, between the government and the private sector in order to flexibly respond to changes and sustainable development of MRD. The World Bank proposes courageous solutions to aggressively attract, allocate and utilize resources efficiently, transform production models, gain regional visibility for investment options; capitalization of competitive and comparative benefits; building MRD Fund...

The World Bank Country Director for Viet Nam Ousmane Dione mentioned the need to mobilize a variety of financial resources

Appreciating the efforts of the Government of Viet Nam, Country Director UNDP Louis Chamberlain recommended some contents for sustainable development of MRD: Strengthening intergovernmental cooperation; Developing a strategic overall approach that avoids duplication of policy; Ensuring efficient development resources; Appropriating financing approach (public and private sectors), stronger mobilization of foreign and private capital; promoting information sharing; building a risk-adjusted model; efficient use of groundwater; preventing drought and saline intrusion; Promoting the potentials and comparative advantages of the region; focusing on vulnerable groups...

 Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Vietnam Christian Berger emphasized the cooperation for the development of MRD to affirm that the German Government would work closely with Vietnam in addressing these challenges. The German ambassador also expressed his sympathy for the need to set up a regional development council for joint coordination; promoting transformation and restructuringagricultural production to create higher value; coordinating effectively the anti-landslide and subsidence projects; having measures to attract investment and efficiently managing water sources; mobilizing and usingfinancial resources effectively...

The Dutch Ambassador in Vietnam highly appreciated Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s presidency for this important conference. He said that this was a strong message that Vietnam had made to face the challenges of climate change. He affirmed that the Netherlands and its development partners would work closely with the Government of Viet Nam in this area. The Ambassador recommended solutions to improve the policy framework, organizational alignment and consistency in planning and financial resources... in response to climate change.

Khuong Trung