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International cooperation to enhance effectiveness of land management

(03:09:48 PM, 22/08/2016)

Over the past few years, international cooperation in the field of land management has been playing important role helping State management agencies perfecting their land-related mechanism and policies.

*Cooperating with 30 countries and international organizations

Currently, Vietnam has established cooperative relations with more than 30 countries and international organizations in land management. From late 2008 up to now, the natural resources and environment sector has mobilized a significant official development assistance capital so as to deploy 11 projects focusing on perfecting land-related policies, improving cadastral records, building land database; modeling multi-purpose land information systems and; training and human resources development.

In general, ODA supported programs and projects have been implemented effectively and achieved targeted objectives. These programs and projects have supported the works of perfecting legal frameworks and policies in the field of land management, building and experimenting theoretical methodology, perfecting cadastral record system, building land database, building multi-purpose land information system. Besides, many land-related legal documents have gotten supports from multilateral and bilateral sponsors, especially 2003, 2013  Law on Land and many other documents guiding the implementation of the law.


For example, "Improvement and modernization of Vietnam land administration systems in Vietnam” (VLAP) was deployed in 9 provinces and cities from 2008 until the end of 2015. The project helped these localities to strengthen the access to land information services through the development of a land management system in the selected provinces of Vietnam on the basis of a public, precise, completed system of land registration and land information (cadastral maps and cadastral records), issuing the land use right certificates to meet the demand for implementation of the rights and obligations of the land use, protecting the rights of land users and meet the information needs of the community.

*Mobilizing international resources

According to Land Management Administration, in 2016, the agency focuses on cooperating with relevant agencies and organizations to perfect contents and procedures to submit to Prime Minister for approval of the project named Improved Land Governance and Databases (VILG) which is supposed to use preferential capital of World Bank. Until now, VILG project has been approved by Prime Minister and Natural Resources and Environment Minister approved Feasible Study. It is on progress to get approval from World Bank.

The Administration continues to exchange main contents of the project strengthening land valuation and land price information (VietLIS2) which is expected to use non-refundable capital of the Korean government. In addition, it is in collaboration with the Mekong region land governance (MRLG) to prepare the implementation of a number of activities to support resettlement, monitoring and evaluation of land use management, enhancing access to land for ethnic minorities.

In the coming time, the Administration will continue to focus on improving procedures and exchange information to build other new projects including the works of fulfilling procedure to sign financing agreement of the project VILG and implementing activities to kick off the project, completing procedures of VietLIS2 project.

Mai Giang