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Setting up station for remote sensing surveys, data collection and processing

(02:43:40 PM, 08/01/2016)

Under the cooperation framework between ASEAN and India, India is conducting surveys to set up remote sensing stations in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong city.

The ministry of natural resources and environment said, this is a project on the "construction of a station for surveys, satellite signal data collection and remote sensing data processing for ASEAN" located in Vietnam. Vietnam and India are currently discussing about the actual implementation details about where and when to locate such substation.

The construction of this substation will help to provide Vietnam with learning about techniques and share experience in remote sensing operations with Indian. Besides, Vietnam will also have additional data source, enhanced cooperation with regional countries and at the same time Vietnam will be provided with trained human resources in this field.

The project was approved with the total investment cost of 23 million USD, derived from ASEAN – India Cooperation Fund, covering the expenditures on such works as: promoted cooperation in space science and technologies between ASEAN and India; setting up remote sensing exploration, data collection and processing station; providing remote sensing data from existing remote sensing satellites and those are to be operated in near future.

As scheduled, the construction of civil structures and installation equipment will be completed within 24 months. India shall be accountable for the costs for civil construction and operation within the first 5 years for the station. Remote sensing images created by India shall be provided free-of charge for ASEAN within 5 years.

Experts believed, India has installed two stations in Indonesia and Brunei and in Vietnam in the near future, which will facilitate the explorations, data collection and management of natural resources.